A New Goal…

I am sitting here with a nice cup of Kava Stress Relief Yogi tea, which is absolutely a wonderful way to end an evening.  I also finally feel the sense of accomplishment of getting this ‘blog’ (I do this: ‘ ‘ , because I don’t honestly particularly like that word, ‘blog,’ all that much…hmm…) up and running, as the thoughts have been floating in my head on a daily basis half the summer. 

However, I have a new goal: To write every day for the next month.  Even if it is only three lines, that is fine, as long as it is something.  This is where you who are reading this come in: I may need some help at times 🙂  Boy can time fly once I sit down at this laptop… 

Go to check an email…it needs a reply…another one comes…oh, it’s Time Out NY… you know, I really should just check and see what this Food and Wine Festival is about….oh no, too expensive….now what was I doing?…right, writing that email…shoot, let me check to see if any of my clients cancelled on the other email account… that reminds me, what is the weather tomorrow?… AND SO ON! 

Then suddenly I have to leave for work! 

This month, however, I will be writing HERE!  Every day.  See, now that it is written down, I am closer to the goal already.  Now it is time to follow through… 

So back to that tea… 

Yogi teas all come with a quote/thought on the…oh what is that called?!…the piece of paper at the end of the tea bag…well, if it has a name, please let me know…  

This particular one says, “Always be pure, simple, and honest.”   

Love it.  (Hard-pressed to find one I don’t…) 

The apartment is really looking nice, and I am so thankful for the layout, ceiling height, openness, roommate, and neighbors 🙂 

Our ‘dining room table,’ a gift from Mom and Dad, is getting broken in for the first time tonight.  We are waiting on the seat cover, as it was out of stock, and we’re going to be getting a bench for it, too…Once that happens, then you can get a photo.  The table is black, and it is so neat in how it is very small and rectangular, but then you pull out the sides and it doubles in size!  Dinner party, anyone??  Well, when anyone is in town, let me know 🙂 

The much-needed addition to our table for fall...AND it lights up 🙂


Diana Krall is playing on my iTunes.  Not much better than the soothing sounds of jazz to set my evening right.  Here, enjoy with me: 


Tomorrow is my one non–getting-up-before-the-birds day this week, so I think I am procrastinating going to take a shower and getting to bed… 

Best to sign off now, but we’ll catch up tomorrow 😉

“Always be pure, simple, and honest.” 



About positivelykate

I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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  1. I haven’t gotten a chance to read yet, but I am SOOO excited! Positivelykate just moved to the top of my blog list! Whoooooo!

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