The Apartment Tale…abridged

  So here is my apartment … abridged.

At Steps, the dance school, I met this lovely girl, Melissa, from Seattle.  One Thursday we started talking about apartment searching.  Turns out she would be in need of a roommate soon, too.  Well, we continued talking and came to the conclusion to look together for a place– we just clicked, you know?

  And so the hunt began…such a process, from Craigslist to realtors, to running uptown to downtown, to how much, to where, to when, to how!  BUT, all you need to know is that, in the end, we moved into a lovely, open, spacious (haha, okay, by New York standards in our location at least!) ‘studio with loft’ in a good, central location.

  We are fortunate enough to have 12-foot ceilings and three big windows in our apartment, and, coupled with clean, white walls and ceilings, the whole place feels bigger than it is.

  Want a sneak peak???….

Hammering the blinds' brackets into the window's side ... Not going to lie, this was fun... well, for the first five minutes at least...

(minus fire, that is!)

Our Fireplace! This is such a nice focal point for our room, and we are still working to get a huge NYC-related picture for above the mantel (if anyone has any inexpensive thoughts...). Note the pumpkins! How many can you find??!!

  The kitchen is separated from the main room by a half wall/high countertop, complete with bar stools.  Not a drawer in the kitchen area– can you believe it?  Thank you, Ikea, we now have some lovely additions to help compensate for the no-drawers audacity.

I know there is a bit of clutter, but we were in organizing mode. We are so excited about our shelves and the display! (Excited about shelves...hahaha!...small pleasures...)

I absolutely love our ‘living room’ rug.  It is white with specks, big, and very, very fluffy!  Definitely a curl-your-toes-in and no-shoes-allowed kind of rug. 

Beautiful thing. 

Before my bed got here, I slept on it the first night.  Great night sleep 🙂

This is the one thing our kitchen is now missing... Wouldn't these aprons be cute hanging on the wall? ...but anyway, back to what's really in the apt!...

  Melissa has the ‘loft’, which is basically a large wood slab with a wooden rail around it about four and a half feet down from the ceiling, and I have the ‘under-loft’ (well, that’s the name I’ve assigned to it). 

I like my little nook!

Did you catch that our theme is white and black?? With red accents!

Ahh, now that cube-bookcase, aka the Expedit, gets its whole own blog entry…  Just wait…

Now for one of my favorite features of the apartment…

(I also sometimes like to refer to it as the FRIENDS or I LOVE LUCY component)

(as stolen from facebook)

Our neighbors!!!

That picture is of Kelly and Eric, our neighbors right above us.  It was actually Kelly who first put us in touch with the realtor who ultimately sold us the apartment beneath!  (Kelly was sitting there next to Melissa and I one of the days we were discussing apartment-searching at Steps…which happened every single Thursday morning for weeks…) 

These two are so incredibly sweet and generous.  Before moving in, they let me stay over in their apartment on days when I had to be at work too early for the buses/trains from home.  They helped us move in, whenever we go up to visit they have food to enthusiastically offer, and there have been multiple occasions when Eric has shown up at our door with some sort of goodie in-hand (oh do I ever have to get that recipe for Apple Crumb Cake!).

Now, the reason I say Friends/I Love Lucy is because that is exactly what I was reminded of from the first few days here.  It is like a combination of the two in some ways 😛  We’ve got young people living in the same building in New York City and dropping in with random stories about their days…  Joey’s audition, Monica’s dinner, Rachel’s nail polish…transfer it to, what happened at Steps, how many days of school Kelly has left, what the congressman said to Eric, and so on…     Coupled with the ‘Fred and Ethel’: the pair who are so funny together, even when they are not trying to be.  Eric and Kelly.  They appear at the door sometimes, often telling about how the other one didn’t do this right, etc., but in a loving and humorous way.  I could totally see the episode being filmed in front of me.  Melissa and I are kept entertained, in addition to feeling so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful, caring people upstairs.

Well my goodness, it’s 11 o’clock, and I have an early morning spin class to teach tomorrow!  Best sign off now, and say farewell for the evening…


The Yogi tea snippet for tonight:

“Happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible challenge.”

Good one 😀


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I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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3 Responses to The Apartment Tale…abridged

  1. Julie says:

    What a nice way to start my morning. Tell Melissa, Fred and Ethel hi.
    Love ya,

  2. So neat to see where you live! Looks like such a great place! I actually have large black and white NYC skyline pic in a silver frame that may be of interest to you. I could take a pic and send it to you if you’d like to see it.

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