Saturday Observations

I met an adorable goldendoodle.  Oh my gosh, one of the cutest dogs I’ve seen (don’t worry, Lucy and Linus, you still get first picks 🙂 ). 

To add to the Saturday observations on the Upper West Side, I was sitting on a bench on Central Park West in between dance classes, and this Italian guy stretching his hamstrings at the light after a run yells to the other guy he just said goodbye to, “yeah, I’m gonna get a nice prosciutto with mozzarella and some portabellas once I get back…”  Hahahaha…. And pronounced the correct way: no ‘o’s or ‘a’s at the end of the words 🙂 

Central Park.  Here is a place where you are literally in the middle of the biggest city in America, yet it is peaceful, green, and flowering. 

Love this photo, taken on the southern end of Central Park

Another favorite, this one by Bethesda Fountain

And, another favorite of Central Park… I can’t walk through without thinking of this movie anymore…

🙂 Just makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Tonight I went to one of the New York Musical Theatre Festival’s shows.  It was called, The Tenth Floor.  The script definitely needs tweaking, but, all in all, the concept is really good.  Not bright and cheery, but good.  It says a lot about our society today…something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, especially seeing the diverse array of people I see every day here in NYC. 

The show takes place on the tenth floor of a jail, where 16-year-old Victor was just taken after being accused of murder.  Throughout the 90-minute show, we watch Victor go on an emotional roller coaster as he gets angry, sad, vengeful, weak, forgiving…  We are introduced to his mother, a woman he loves but who seems to not care too much about him, the social worker, and what a window into those in that profession’s lives, and other characters…in almost a “ghosts of Christmas past”-like way.  Characters pop in and out of the show to tell Victor’s story, piece by piece.  Two fellow inmates, really more like “ghosts” were hysterical, providing much-needed comic relief, yet they also portrayed an array of strong emotions.  The best part of this show was the actors themselves– so committed.  Even where the script lacked, the actors believed what they were saying fully.  And the voices were wonderful. 

Really thought-provoking, one can see how the vicious cycle of children ending up in jails, detention centers, and any other assortment of depressed states happens so often today.  Here, a son has been shown only bits of love from his mother, who spends more time ‘partying’ in Miami than caring for her son.  Walking down the street, I pass a school where kids seem to compensate for lack of confidence by picking on their peers.  In the subway, I actually watched a little boy, less than three years old, get yelled at, sworn at, by two teenage siblings who were left to care for him when the mother got off at a stop and the little boy began to cry.

That’s the hardest part of living in Manhattan, to me at least- all the sadness.  But, it is also a constant reminder to thank God for all of the incredible blessings I have.  We all have our ‘crosses to bear,’ but, my goodness, I have nothing to complain about.

Thank you, Lord, for everything you have given me.

Here’s to ending on a happy note…

My Yogi tea tonight:

“Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too.”


Have a happy and blessed night,


P.S. Highly recommend hot yoga 🙂

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I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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