Christmas Comes Early


A most lovely and peaceful evening, and I would like to add it to my resolve (which is to go to bed earlier).  I got away from the computer (I wrote this last night by hand…) and just sat on the couch with my Yogi Stress Relied tea, and read a few neat articles from Whole Living magazine.  It was lovely.  (And me sitting on the couch?  Doesn’t happen often…)

It is important to realize and accept that there will always be ‘something else to do’ on that computer, but you shouldn’t always be doing it.  If you keep saying I’ll relax when the to-do list is done, well, then you’ll never relax. 

(‘You’, at least being ‘I’, but I’m also pretty sure a whole lot of the rest of America, too.)

Balance, it’s all in finding a balance.                 …Yet what a challenge.



New York has been ready for Christmas since Halloween.

And here are a few examples of ‘Merry Christmas’ I have been passing for weeks now:


Macy's, of course, the cornerstone of NYC Christmas decor madhouse in there...

 Oh, and not forgetting something for your listening pleasure while you read:


Ok, not exactly Christmas directly, BUT... This pair was just too cute, as the man slowly tried on this furry hat, looking at himself in the mirror, while his wife encouraged him to buy it. I tried to discreetly grab a picture so you could at least get an idea, but I think you had to be there to get the full effect 🙂 Too cute...

The M&M Store

Hershey's Store... This Santa actually came out of the chimney and went back up!

Christmas Lights!And Now for This Past Weekend's Sightings! Lord & Taylor Christmas Windows

1920s Window!

Santas...and apologies for the quality, the flash button would not work...These were all so pretty, and taking up the whole row of windows....Each window was a different era.Super-fancy 5th Ave store 😉

And, of course, Christmas chocolates!


And did I mention who was taking all of these pictures with me??!!….



We had a fun weekend, going to see Union Square Market, making a delicious dinner, seeing Bells Are Ringing with Kelli O’Hara at City Center Encores!, and 11p.m. Mass at St. Malachy’s.

Sending love and year-round Christmas cheer,


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