Christmas, and New Year’s, and Everything!

Happy New Year!

So I’ve been stuck here at the apartment since yesterday, as I suddenly came down withquite the stomach virus Friday night.  Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday I didn’t have to be anywhere (though there are plenty of things I was planning on doing…), so I have gotten to rest.

Becky, my good friend from Butler, was here in NYC  and spent New Year’s with me.  I felt terrible, as I was the most boring ‘date’ that evening…all I could do to stick it out till midnight…But we found a little Irish pub to sit and watch the ball drop.  We walked close enough to Times Square to see the madness from a distance (haha!), but that was all we needed.  It was so nice to get to see Becky and hear all about how Butler is treating her (she’s pharmacy, therefore has two more years).

(That's Becky and me drinking Dunkin' not far from Butler in 2007)


Now let’s get back to Christmas!  Yes, I am so very behind!

Just before I left to go home for Christmas, I received a phone call…

It was from SharpLeft, a company I had auditioned on-camera for a few weeks prior for a corporate print/tv job.  Ridgewood Bank, a NY-based bank.  Well, apparently they liked me, and I received the job! 

I’m going to be ‘customer service representative’, and we film Jan 15-17.  I have a line, too!  I am very grateful, and what a Christmas treat, too!

Christmas Eve at the Wyants was wonderful (and delicious) as always! 

From L-R: Me, Megan Bubalis, Hilary, Natalie, Rachel Lutz, Missy

In age order, the Wyant girls: Missy, Hilary, Natalie

(Hilary has some more about Christmas in her wonderful blog: )

Alright, that was all written Sunday…but then I got side-tracked for a few days…Now we’re at Tuesday… as my little cousin would say, “Continue…”

I LOVE our Christmas Eve traditions….

Mom's Wrappings!


They are probably my favorite traditions of the whole year.  How it works is: 

We (the three of us) get all dressed up, go to the beautiful Christmas Eve Mass, then drive through some developments nearby so to see the pretty Christmas lights and decorations (or in the words of my oldest cousin, Chad, when he was little: “Fistmas lights!”).  

At home, Mom and Dad and I exchange a few special presents, and sometimes we put in White Christmas or Holiday Inn, often for the umpteenth time that month. 

Then we go to Nancy’s!  We have a wonderful evening there, complete with sparkles and friends and good old holiday cheer, and when we get home, no matter how late it is, Dad always has to read Twas the Night Before Christmas to me.  The good version.  Not just the poem.  No, this is a book almost as old as me that tells the whole story of how the poem was written in the first place!  It’s tradition.

Christmas morning finds us in the family room, unwrapping the gifts that Santa has left 🙂 

Off to Dad’s sister’s, Lucille’s, for a full-fledge Italian Christmas dinner that I have really grown to love!

Oh boy, I ate enough cookies those two days to last me until next year!

But mmmmmm were they good!

(I actually forgot to leave these out for Santa this year... well, he's supposed to eat healthier, right?)

I’m so very grateful for the happy Christmas moments 🙂
Thank you, Lord.


I’ve still got more December updates I have to give, don’t I?  Ah well, next time!

Thankfully, I got everything done (almost) that I needed to do today, despite this virus hanging on…

Some discoveries I’ve made during the time I’ve been sick:


-I am really good at eating crackers and bread.

-There is nothing like your bed when you’re sick….well, except maybe your mommy.  (But I got to have her on the phone at least!  Seeing her this weekend!)

-I apparently teach my most intense fitness classes when I cannot participate myself.  (Sorry Barclays Works and Spin classes…)

-You can still get through a dance audition for “Footloose” (of all shows) by the grace of God.

-All sleep can indeed be caught up on in one weekend.

-Sometimes you get excited to eat because you finally can, but then you realize you were a bit overzealous and end up with a stomachache…

-It’s fun to get sick when you can stay home from school and not miss anything, but it’s a different story when you are missing dance classes, voice lessons, and auditions.





Well now it is time for bed for me.  The Wyant girls were awesome enough to include Yogi tea in my Christmas gift!  Haha!  So here’s the excellent Yogi quote for the night:



“Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.”





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I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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One Response to Christmas, and New Year’s, and Everything!

  1. Nancy says:

    Ahhhhhh, you were really sick AND while your friend from Butler was visiting. And, you auditioned for Footloose? …you are a trooper. So glad you are back to being inspiring Kate.

    Hugs from NJ

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