My Other Half in the Corporate World

I work for a corporate fitness management company, meaning this company manages fitness complexes housed inside big corporations.  It is such a great company—heck, who couldn’t love a company whose mission includes to “juggle some ‘serious fun’,” “make yourself a nice place to work,” and “strive to be the gold standard”?

They have grown immensely from their beginnings in the 80s, and now can be found throughout the USA and Puerto Rico.  The founder is still the president, and he has a top-notch team all around him. 



  • I always know my customer’s goal
  • I prepare relentlessly to help them accomplish these goals.
  • I will learn something new every day
  • I thrive on feedback


  • I am the master of my job description

  • I anticipate the customer’s needs and will satisfy them
  • I will strive to bring every challenge to a fast and fair resolution
  • I can make a difference in the Company’s success


  • I exercise, eat right, and practice what we preach
  • I have a thirst for knowledge about health and wellness
  • I radiate positive attitude and energy
  • I am proud of being a part of this industry


  • I respect my Team’s time and energy
  • I am a good listener
  • I will share my knowledge freely
  • I will ask you if you need my help




The job came to me as, as I put it, ‘a total God thing’ in 2008.  When I was here in NYC doing the internship with Roundabout Theatre, I looked into fitness jobs to teach classes.  If my memory serves me correctly, I found a posting online, and applied.  Auditioned with the regional group fitness director at Merrill Lynch, and began subbing at a variety of locations and teaching a Zumba class at Merrill Lynch.  What wonderful people with whom I came in contact!

Well, they let me have the opportunity to sub whenever I returned from college, and now I am on multiple schedules!  So blessed to have this.  I so enjoy being a part of the corporate atmosphere, but without having to have that desk-job sort of career….great, and I love the people who do, but it just wouldn’t be the most pleasant for me…!  Also, getting paid to work out is certainly a nice piece of this. 

I am both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, with classes ranging from Zumba to Pilates to boot camp to TRX.  I work with people of all ages, be it co-workers or the corporate employees. 

Today, actually, I am covering part of a shift for someone at Goldman Sachs.  (‘Covering the floor’ as an ‘exercise specialist.’)  The gym is very quiet on Saturdays, but it is nice they have it open for people who either live in the area or work on Saturdays (L). 

Here, a photo of the walk from the PATH station to this Goldman location, on the ‘boardwalk’ in Jersey City…

View from Jersey City's Goldman walk

That is the same view that can be seen from the fitness center itself, thanks to the whole floor being lined in windows!

Ha!  Guess what?  I just realized that on one of the TVs, ESPN2, Butler is playing Cleveland State!  And winning, of course…  How funny is that!


Currently, I am teaching around 15 classes a week. 

Some of my other locations are Hearst, which I snuck a picture of its view of Central Park:

Here’s the building:


Also, Barclays….another where I tried to sneak a picture from the group fitness studio…:

Barclays Fitness Studio...shh don't tell I took a pic...

Barclays out the window


Cadwalader, in World Financial Center, Goldman NYC, and, starting this coming week, Morgan Stanley, in Midtown are my other mainstays.  Having the opportunity to sub at more locations, too, it so neat. 

It is a great experience to be a part of so many different atmospheres, be it the differences among the companies or the differences from corporate America to the Broadway world!

(And if you want to learn your NYC skyscrapers, look what I came across—haha– )

 The most recent news here at Goldman is the beginning of INSANITY…or, Goldman’s version, ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.

Have you heard of the DVD series?  

It’s crazy!  But a good crazy…

Okay, so wordpress doesn’t allow a link to the Insanity website…found this out with some difficulty, as they shut down my blog for a few days!  But, thankfully it is restored, with the exception of what I had written after this…shoot….so I will try to remember and include the rest…. (basically ramblings, :-), you know the drill)

The Ultimate Challenge consists of all body weight exercises, and high intensity…really bringing  your fitness to the next level.  Well, Goldman employees love a workout that leaves them sore and collapsing (who knows why), so bringing this to Goldman seemed smart…and smart indeed, as the class is already full, with a 16-person waiting list!

The two instructors, one for NYC location, and me for Jersey City location, have been going through training with the group fitness directors of each site!  That’s how intense it is!  It’s been fun, in all actuality 🙂

The general manager keeps telling everyone, “Oh do not be fooled by Kate’s seemingly sweet disposition!”  Hahahaha! 


We begin February 21st….  I’m grateful for the extra two classes per week, and at a special pay rate (nice treat!)!

At Goldman in NYC, they have two pictures at the entrance to one of the locker rooms, that I love.  So….I snuck a quick picture….

Old Timers!

Swing Dance at the Gym!


Great choice for decor, no?

Being that this whole post has been about fitness, here is my challenge for you today:


Is a day to become a healthier YOU!


I challenge you: 


to walk up and down the stairs three times in a row.


to do 10 regular or modified (on your knees) push-ups.

(Now really, this won’t take more than two minutes!  But feel free to add as many more parts to this as you’d like…)

Have a fabulous, sunny day,


P.S. Popop and Nanan, as I know you’ll read this, you are, of course, exempt from the stair bit 😉

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I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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