Be Your Butterfly


Well, it’s about time!


I have a constant push-pull in my head where I so want to write here, but at the same time a guilt for taking the amount of time needed to sit here and think and write.  Think what you want, but I am very easily guilty-fied.


I thought this morning I’d send out a little inspiration for anyone who is feeling pulled down or searching with seemingly muddled vision for his or her passion in life …



Aren’t those quotable magnets and the whole rest of the brand great?  Go ahead, go find your local Borders or Barnes and Noble and read through them (and/or discreetly take pictures of them like I did).  Be inspired!


Yes, this caterpillar had to work to become the butterfly, but did he ever give up?!


I think you know the answer 😉


The caterpillar had to endure the day-to-day of a slow-moving, stuck on the ground, catepillar’s life, strengthening himself to gain enough stamina to become the butterfly, the patience while in the cocoon, adjusting to a completely different life as a butterfly, AND quite possibly even a soirée as a six-year-old from the park’s pet.  But he made it!


And what an outcome!


So there are some morning thoughts for you all 🙂  Hope you are living to work toward your passions every day.




Spicebush Swallowtail 

P.S. If you’re in NYC, let’s go check out the butterfly exhibit at theMuseumofNatural History;-)

About positivelykate

I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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