Does The Orange M&M Have A Name?

I don’t recall sitting down with a full candy bar since Bloomsbury Elementary School. Is this to say I haven’t had candy? Oh no. But there is a very different psychological component when you have a grocery-store-aisle-sized candy in front of you with the knowledge that, yes, you are about to eat it all yourself. That is what has not occurred since sometime before I even know what calories meant and was still eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers.


Today is the one Saturday of the whole summer I work at one of the corporate sites. I am here at Goldman Sachs for six hours. It is quiet as can be, with no one even in the gym but me for the first three hours. I brought food with me, but apparently not enough, as I really wanting something by 3 o’clock. Well, I held off for a while, then finally decided I would treat myself by actually spending a whole dollar on something with the only food option available on a Saturday in Goldman Sachs’ 40+ floors: vending machines.


Now, there are healthy options in vending machines these days, and I hope all of you recognize this and choose the best options out there! Nature Valley bars are my go-to, as, despite sugar, it is fairly low, they are made with oats, and overall not bad. However, I noticed pretzel M&Ms. Normally, I would have no reaction to this, but I had only just come across a blurb about how these M&Ms have just 150 calories per bag and 5g of fat. Well, that certainly fits into my daily nutritional make-up, and it is actually less calories than the bars (though made with somewhat less good-for-you ingredients).


I did it. Got myself a shiny bag of Pretzel M&Ms.



Let me also just note that every single Thursday and Friday at 5:45am, as I walk to Morgan Stanley, I have to stare at the gigantic, animated billboard of the M&M characters, with Mr. Orange Guy eating a pretzel and creating pretzel M&Ms. After so long, I think it is quite acceptable to try the decadent treat 😉


First bite, beautiful thing. Hahaha. Delic- (pronounced: dee-lish)


Just be aware of the blood sugar drop 20 minutes later as your body is plummeted by the simple sugars you’ve just ingested.




Love and fun~


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I love life. Really, really love life. This is a quote (one of multiple) by which I strive toward: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." --Henry David Thoreau
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